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Winged Migration to the cloud

March 11, 2015

Like the beautiful birds in the 2003 documentary, our customers are flocking to the Kronos cloud. So far this calendar year, cloud/SaaS deployments are outpacing on-premise 3 to 1. Why? Well, here’s what our customers tell us:

“For the product knowledge.”
“Over the long-term, it will save us money”
“We had to implement rapidly.”
“Our IT was maxed out.”
“They manage and monitor our complex interfaces.”
“We were at end of life on our servers.”
“We have a personal team supporting us.”
“We want our internal IT focused on cost systems.”
“Corporate initiative to go to cloud.”
“Kronos expertise.”

St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, CT recently decided to upgrade their Workforce Central solution to the cloud. Here’s what they had to say:

“Deploying in the Kronos Cloud will provide us with instant access to the latest and greatest healthcare-specific workforce management innovations from Kronos. And through our purchase of additional Kronos applications, we will further our charter of delivering a superior patient experience.”
Michelle Godin, RN, Ed.D, CNA, manager, business operations, nursing, Saint Mary’s Hospital

The cool thing is how cloud enables St. Mary’s to focus on their mission: “delivering a superior patient experience.” At this point I considered my 3 year grammar school tenure (K-2) at St. Mary’s school in East Boston, MA, my crush on Sister Laura, and a picture of Sally Field as “The Flying Nun,” but let’s just stay with beautiful birds and clouds…

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