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The value of the Apple Watch will depend on you

March 10, 2015

resting heart rateNot a minute too soon, yesterday’s big tech news was of course Apple’s timely unveiling of their Watch. Not iWatch, just Watch. Must be a marketing thing. Anyway, here’s way more than everything you need to know about Apple’s clockwork offerings. I was glad to see the device does include a heartrate monitor. That was one feature I held out for before buying a Fitbit, but now I’m not sure why. It’s a novel feature for the moment, but other than telling me what my resting heart rate is, I’m not sure what value it’s providing me. So far, the device is not motivating me to move my carcass any more than I did prior to owning it, and that’s a problem.

The “value” of any technology is proportional to how much you use it, and when that “use” is a choice, your tech investment is likely returning much less than it could. Yesterday I was on the website nosing around, and this stat came at me in 3D:

“customers who invest in training consistently report >80% higher ROI on their Salesforce investment”

Wow. There’s a lot to learn, and the more you know about how to use your technology, the higher the return on your investment in it.


If you’re a Kronos user, how much do you know about using it? When is the last time you had any training? Do you know there’s a ton of learning to be had on KnowledgePass? Here’s a quick list of what comes up for me under “My Learning:”

  • User Adoption Toolkit – Employees
  • WFC 7.0 – New Features Overview for Project Team and Administrators (with sandbox)
  • WFC 7.0 – Manager Navigator Job Aids
  • WFC 7.0.4/7.0.5 – Working with Excel spreadsheet reports
  • WFC 7.0 – Timestamp and Timecard Entering Time Employee Training Kit
  • WTK 7.0 – New Features Overview for Project Team and Application Administrators (with sandbox)
  • WTK 7.0 – New Features Overview for Employees
  • WTK 7.0 – Concepts in Action – Workforce Timekeeper 7.0 with Calculated Accruals
  • WTK 7.0 – Project Team Fundamentals Worksheets
  • WTK 7.0 – Common tasks for managers (job aid) – Navigator
  • WTK 7.0 – Entering Time (Hourly Timecard Employees)
  • WTK 7.0 – Entering Time Terminal Employee Training Kit (InTouch with Touch ID Plus)

As you can see, there’s a lot to learn about your Kronos solution. Now I need to read this article on how to get more out of my Fitbit Charge HR

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