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US Healthcare still a hot-button issue

March 9, 2015

Hot Button IssueYour perspective on the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare” most likely aligns with your political persuasion, and given the stakes, the law will remain a hot button of debate. It’s currently in the news as the US Supreme Court considers the legality of healthcare premium subsidies for citizens obtaining their health insurance via the federal marketplace, There’s also debate on whether the law has “fixed” healthcare inflation in the US, but Steven Brill’s new book, “America’s Bitter Pill” asserts that with annual healthcare spending around 3 Trillion Dollars, the ACA isn’t enough to flatten the healthcare cost tsunami.

In other healthcare news, there’s some disappointment that the upcoming Apple iWatch may not include much of the health monitoring tech that was envisioned to “revolutionize healthcare.”

With Healthcare in the US a $3 Trillion marketplace, and costs rising in so many areas of it, it makes sense that hospitals are looking for ways to control their costs so they can remain competitive. One way is through the adoption of cloud. “According to a HIMSS Analytics study published in mid-2014, healthcare providers’ cloud usage is accelerating. Of the 150 survey respondents, 83% were using the cloud in some way.” We’re seeing that with our own healthcare customers. Check out our Top Ten Reasons Healthcare Organizations Make the Move: The Kronos Cloud.

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