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Wisconsin Cheese Queen! (in the cloud)

March 5, 2015

major-muddBack some time during the 60’s, I was on the Boston-based “Major Mudd” show. It was an afternoon show on WNAC, channel 7 back in the day, and featured 3 Stooges shorts, cartoons, and live studio games where the kids became “contestants.” I remember being a “consolation prize winner,” and nobody wants to be that… My fondest memory of that afternoon was meeting the “Wisconsin Cheese Queen,” a beautiful young woman dressed like a princess. She was seated next to a mountain of colorful foil-wrapped Wisconsin cheese, and it was there for the taking! I felt like a young George Costanza in a bachelor paradise! It was cheese heaven.


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Why am I having this cheesy flashback? Well, first, who doesn’t love cheese? And second, one of our latest customer success stories with Workforce Ready is Maple Leaf Cheese! Maple Leaf is a cooperative established in 1910 by a group of local family farmers in order to create a consistent, trustworthy market for their milk. Maple Leaf is still locally farmer-owned, and some of their families are now in their second and third generation of cheesemaking! So they can focus on making cheese, listen to Vicki Bergendal share their story of how Maple Leaf Cheese uses Workforce Ready to help their 3 companies automate their timekeeping, increase efficiency, and… certify their cheesemakers! I love that part.

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