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India’s chance to fly

March 2, 2015
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presents the 2015 India National Budget on National TV

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presents the 2015 Budget of India on National TV

I’m not sure what’s more important to the 1,252,000,000 (that’s billion) citizens of India, the nation budget or the cricket world cup, but on Saturday the coverage of the 2015 budget unveiling seemed to have world cup fervor. Since new Prime Minister Narendra Modi won office in May, expectations have been rising, so the annual cricket-like coverage of the budget presentation was even higher than usual. One of Mr. Modi’s stated goals is for India to become one of the world’s 50 easiest countries in which to do business. At present, its ranking is far below its top world cup cricket ranking – 142, according to the World Bank, so the budget is a blueprint for climbing the list.

As millions of citizens watched, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Modi governments first full-year budget since their huge election win in May. Mr. Jaitley sounded like a coach rallying the citizenry:

“The credibility of the Indian economy has been re-established, the world is predicting that it’s India’s chance to fly.”

Many pundits were impressed, with the Hindustan Times going for the cricket analogy writing, “Mr. Jaitley stepped out and hit a six,” a cricket home run.

Of course this is all great news for Kronos and our 500+ employees in India. Tech Mahindra India is one of our big systems integrators there, and recently, their vice president Hemant Dabke commented, “Kronos workforce management solutions fit extremely well with our current portfolio and are seeing a great deal of success with customers in the market. Kronos solutions enable us to deliver additional value to our customers and make a significant difference. The workforce management solutions market is poised for growth and we see tremendous opportunity in our relationship with Kronos, the global market leader.”

It’s Kronos’s chance to “hit a six” in India.

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