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Project Management Success and the Laws of Physics

February 24, 2015

an engineering marvel… and a beer

It’s day 2 of the Kronos Global Project Management Summit in Indy takes place during one of the coldest days in the history of the city. This multi-day training, teamwork, and social event is being led by our new Head of Global PMO at Kronos, Peter Taylor. If you’re a project manager and work at being better at it, you may have heard of Peter. He’s the author of
The Lazy Project Manager: How to be twice as productive and still leave the office early.  

I’ve enjoyed Peter’s contribution this week, but I can tell you, none of the project managers here this week are leaving the office early. We ended an interesting teambuilding event last night around 9:30, and immediately after, PM’s could be seen scurrying back to their rooms to answer emails and anything else needed to keep their projects going. I’m amazed at the enthusiasm and work ethic of our PM’s, including our many new PM’s learning their trade in our Indy Technology Center.

Right now, the self described Englishman Mr. Taylor is leading a session on “What you need from your GPMO.” Peter is soliciting the needs from all the PM’s and managers attending. It’s a great, collaborative approach, and very Kronos. The first team exercise we did involved discovery of our similarities and differences. It was an interesting look into what makes each of us unique, and what binds us together. As a global company, language is one of our differences just in the PM community. For example, yesterday during an overview presentation of “The Lazy Project Manager,” Peter said “sheduling.”

I wondered, “why in the US do we say it wrong?”

Last nights event was led by True North, a teambuilding organization. We all had a great time, built relationships, and learned a valuable lesson of project management: the stronger you build your connections through teamwork, the less likely you have to defy the laws of physics to be successful. Or something like that.

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