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Kronos Global Project Management Summit

February 23, 2015

IMG_0821I’m in Indianapolis this week with some 160 Kronos project managers from across the globe. We’re here to grow our connections to each other, and to collectively discover what drives a great experience for Kronos customers implementing, upgrading, or adding to their Kronos solutions. Three big success themes I’ve heard are communication, responsiveness, and listening. Customers appreciate when project elements are explained well, and the timely return of calls or emails is a simple way to assist a positive experience. Then there’s the listening thing… Really listening to a customer is how we can truly understand what their expectations are. One story I heard was that of a visit to very unhappy customer by a senior Kronos service manager. While reviewing the statement of work (SOW), it was determined every commitment in it was met by Kronos, but the customer was still not happy. After some back and forth, the customer finally said, “but it’s not what I wanted.” Further discussion and listening to the unmet expectations resulted in additional work to deliver what the customer really wanted. In the end, the customer got what they wanted, and was ultimately happy with their experience.

The lesson learned is to really listen early in the process to confirm what the customer expectations for success really are. It may not be in the SOW, so initiate that discussion early, and listen carefully to confirm what the customer really wants. Otherwise, there’s no way you can deliver the experience they expect.

This summit is excellent, and will result in better Kronos project managers, and better service experiences for Kronos customers.

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