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Obscured by clouds on Mars and in Seattle

February 18, 2015

_81043906_mars_cloudIn case you missed it, there are large clouds of uh, clouds rising from a point on Mars. Here’s coverage from the Seattle Post‑Intelligencer. Speaking of Seattle, football fans there must still be under a cloud of disappointment after that loss in the “big game.” You know what game I mean, right? We marketing weasels have to use that generic term because the organization currently doing such a fine job investigating the big game winners doesn’t allow use of their trademarked term that’s something like “Superb Owl.”

Hut Hut CloudWe thought it would be fun to have a contest to send a Kronos customer and their guest to the very large game, so we put together a foot and ball themed promotion for… that’s right. The Kronos cloud. And we have a winner! Well, Pam Michalk from Conn’s, an electronics and appliance store chain based in Texas “won” our contest, but based on their attire, I’m not sure Pam and her sister felt like winners at the end of incredibly awesome Sunday in Phoenix. Still, it seems Pam and her sister had a blast.

Pam Michalk and her sister fired up before the big game...

Pam Michalk and her sister fired up before the big game…

“It was a fantastic experience. We were rooting for the Seahawks; oh well. But you are right, the game did not disappoint, it was a great one till the end! 

The whole experience was just awesome. Wan Graeber setup our flights and even managed to get us ground transportation to/from the hotel. We kind of felt like celebrities! I’ve never had a chauffeur waiting on me, holding up a sign with my name on it; especially around – NBC, FOX Sports, etc. it was pretty cool!

The hotel was great too. We actually were in a casita; not just a hotel room. It was nice to have the extra amenities.

Ryan Cheuvront took care of us as well. He presented us with a backpack full of goodies; including the tickets to the game and transportation to and from the game. The pre game party was a blast too.

I cannot thank you all enough for a wonderful experience and for me, a once in a lifetime event!”

It feels wonderful to be able to treat a customer with such a great experience, even if it was only great right up till the end

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