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Manage your Valentine’s Day Expectations

February 13, 2015

Acoustic PostHow do you feel about Valentine’s Day? I’m not a fan, but I’m not out there protesting it like these guys, either. Sure, it’s a contrived Hallmark holiday, and the average American will spend an estimated $142.31 this weekend, totaling close to $19B dollars! I don’t know. A simple “I love you” for a significant other ought to do the trick, but if your expectations are for more then you’ll be disappointed. In most situations, our expectations impact our perception of actual events.

Customer expectations are a tricky thing to manage when you’re working with them to implement enterprise software. Our two primary software platforms are a perfect example. Workforce Central is our tour de force workforce management suite, providing automation in the cloud (or not) for the largest and most complex businesses on the planet. Workforce Ready is the agile little brother, providing a suite of workforce management software as a service (SaaS) primarily for small to mid-sized (SMB) organizations. Most customers choosing Workforce Central realize their business needs and business rules are complex, so their expectations are set accordingly. On the other hand, I think sometimes Workforce Ready customers think it’s all going to be easy. Implementing enterprise software to automate complex business processes is rarely easy, but our job is to make it easier. So we’re at that every day working to “persist to raise the bar to meet and exceed your expectations.”

Now, back to Valentine’s Day. I love this article about how the day “is about love and affection, not the established traditions of card, candy and gifts.” So how do you express love and affection if not with “capitalist chocolate?” Use your words. Last week there was an article about the greatest love letters of all time. Ironically, a love letter from “the man in black” to his June Carter was chosen the best. Check those out and then give it a try. This beautiful infographic from Love Letters is a nice guide. So good luck, but for risk mitigation of your Valentine’s Day project plan, I’d also recommend chocolate backup for disaster recovery…


Source: Love Letters


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