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I’m in with the in (G2)crowd…

February 11, 2015

yelpDo you use Yelp when trying to find a good restaurant? I still do, even though some think the ratings are crap because some “smart and devious people devote themselves to gaming it.” A quick search of my (hopefully) weekend destination produces results pretty much in line with my experiences, although you can’t always trust Yelp reviews… I think a key to the validity of Yelp review is the number of them. The more the better for true consensus in my opinion. Over at Nate Silver’s fivethirtyeight, the stat geeks conclude that Yelp and the 114-year-old Michelin Guide largely agree on the best restaurants in New York City. See? With the population density in the five boroughs, Yelp garners enough reviews to pass fivethirtyeight statistical muster.

g2crowdWhich brings me to G2Crowd. “G2” Get it? The term essentially means “intelligence,” and crowd means, well, crowd, so G2Crowd stands for “Intelligence Crowd-sourced,” just like Yelp, except G2Crowd rates enterprise software. They’re going up against the big analyst firms like Gartner, and they’re banking on a belief that their “user base knew a lot more about the software than the analysts did.” G2Crowd forces users to register using their LinkedIn accounts, hoping to minimize phony reviews, but still, I’m sure vendors look to game the system. Right now there aren’t enough reviews of Kronos Workforce Central to be very meaningful, and there aren’t any reviews yet for our younger Workforce Ready, so if you’re a Kronos customer on either of these platforms, please head over to the G2Crowd and tell them about your experience. While we may do a “review campaign” with our customers to share their experiences, I don’t want to “game” the system with nothing but glowing reviews. Hey, I know what our customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics look like, so I trust we’ll win way more than we lose.

G2Crowd isn’t the only firm in the enterprise software crowdsourcing game. Trustradius is one of a few, but right now getting in with the G2Crowd is the music playing in my head, and yours if you want it to be…

“I’m in with the in crowd
I go where the in crowd goes
I’m in with the in crowd
And I know what the in crowd knows”
The In Crowd – Written by Billy Page. Vocals by Dobie Gray.

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