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Kronos Success: This is how we do it.

February 9, 2015

up to rightLast Thursday on an odd day without snow here in New England, (Work)Joyce and I sat in our quarterly marketing meeting, warmed by the flickering of PowerPoints. As her boss reviewed the Q1 company financials, a slide like this was on the screen. She leaned over and rhetorically asked, “How do we keep doing it?” I didn’t offer an answer, but we both know it.


Attributed to Demetri Martin, author of “This Is A Book”

While success can look like a smooth “up and to the right” trajectory, it simply isn’t. There’s an incredible amount of work done in every corner of the company, and we all have our failures. In the end though, those nauseating somersaults, dives, and rolls create a beautiful trend of progress, and there’s one big reason why.

Joyce followed Jim, and provided an update on our “Voice of the Customer” program. On Joyce’s team, there are 3 focus areas:

  • CREATE Opportunities – That’s the marketing of Kronos services my team does.
  • CONFIRM Performance – This team measures customer satisfaction and loyalty, then monitors and drives follow up with customers. They also provide insight to the overall organization for customer experience improvement.
  • CULTIVATE Promoters – This team manages our customer reference program.

In the voids of that squiggly universe above are little galaxies of intense customer focus. It’s important no customer gets lost in a black hole. The customer experience galaxies are closed loop systems like the one pictured here:

So while Engineering is engineering, Marketing is marketing, Finance is financing, Sales is selling, Service is servicing, Education is educating, and Support is supporting, the people on those teams are focused on delivering the experience our customers expect, and all follow up with any customers who tell us they had a poor experience with them. It’s amazing how some customers react to those follow-up calls. As Valerie Welland wrote in a guest post, many customers are surprised:

“I can’t believe you read my survey; I didn’t think companies cared.”

Yes, we do. This is how we do it.

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  1. February 9, 2015 1:08 pm

    Leo, thanks for letting people know about our dedication to improving our customers’ experience. We get close to 25,000 surveys from our customers each year. And if they take the time to let us know how to improve, we pay attention and follow up.

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