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A New Year to Experience

January 5, 2015

Val_400x400Happy New Year! January 5th is an annual day of service for me, and I really need to be focusing all my attention on being thankful that (Play)Joyce was born on this day in 19… Uh… How ‘bout I just leave it at that so I can be around to celebrate her birthday again next year? Plus, I’m really trying to improve this space with the thoughtful musings of the workforce management experts around me, so let’s start the new year right with a guest post from Valerie Welland, Customer Experience Specialist at Kronos. Valerie has really stepped up as a guest blogger, and this is her 5th post! Thanks, Val!

gradesSchool’s out for the next couple weeks, I am enjoying my breather before next semester when I will be a full time student/full time employee. As much as I enjoy the downtime, I am also eager to receive my grades. I look at it as closure to a hard-worked semester. Good or bad, it came to an end and I can learn and improve based on the feedback I receive.

We have written many posts about our customer experience program at Kronos. We look at survey scores and feedback as our grade with a customer. What can we improve? What did we do well? How can we make your experience with us better in the future?

Kronos Relationship Survey

The “big kahuna” of the Kronos customer surveys

I talk with many customers each month about their experience. The one piece of feedback given to me most often is “I can’t believe you read my survey; I didn’t think companies cared.” This is interesting to me, especially when the feedback is…let’s say…. colorful. Yes, we do care.

Kronos sends out five different surveys. The surveys you receive will depend on the types of services you use. For example, if you contact our award winning support team, you will receive one once the interaction is complete. We also send surveys to keep in touch with the customer on their implementation, education, and depot service experience. The “big kahuna” of the surveys is sent out once a year, and it is based on your overall experience. With all these surveys coming in, what do we do with them? We read them. We take action on them. We make improvements from them. However, we can’t do it without our customers’ feedback. Personally, I am ready to hear what you have to say and want to make your experience better.

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  1. Valerie Welland permalink
    January 5, 2015 10:30 am

    Thank you for posting this Leo!

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