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Resolve to get a little better every day

December 31, 2014

“Nothing changes on new year’s day.” – U2

thanks-not-laughing-absurdly-new-years-ecard-someecardsI read an NPR article yesterday on the business models of gyms. It’s based on the belief we won’t show up, and it’s dead on. Moving from a sedentary couch life to the pursuit of perspiration is just not going to happen for most. It’s too much change. What I’ve found effective is a little change every day toward a goal. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds (like me), set a goal to lose 2, then another 2… Cigs? If you’re puffing 2 packs (40 spikes) a day, try to smoke just 38 for a week, then 36… It’s a gradual weaning toward a better you, and it removes the seemingly insurmountable “50” pound mountain. Hey, I’m no expert, but I won’t stop trying to move that fiddy pound mountain. Whatever you’re trying to change, be patient and consistent in your approach. Here’s an article and a book that may help.

Seeing how hard individual behavior change can be, how the heck can we implement positive changes in the workplace when we add organizational and cultural change to the ingrained mix? Take for example implementing an enterprise software solution like Kronos. How can you successfully implement the software without changing individual behaviors, and possibly even the organization and the culture?

You can start here, then start small in the new year.

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