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Making the cloud disappear in 2015

December 30, 2014


Like the Whole Foods gift card that finally showed up in yesterdays mail, this Christmas present from Joe McKendrick (or his headline writer) was tardy, but well worth the wait, I mean…

Executives: we need cloud computing to improve our workforce

@joemckendrick’s ZDNet article highlights a KPMG survey of 500 executives about cloud computing. If you want all the numbers, please read the article and the survey results, but 3 of the top drivers of cloud adoption cited are:

  • to help increase employee productivity
  • higher employee satisfaction
  • enable of a flexible and mobile workforce

Please understand it’s not the “cloud” part that gets my attention here. After a few hundred posts about “the cloud” here, I’m pretty sick of it, and it’s just not the point anymore. Our customers get it, and just like when a sales professional is trying to close a deal, and the customers says “yes,” shut up. So for the last time in 2014 (and maybe forever)… Whether it’s the Workforce Central SaaS suite or Workforce Ready, it’s cloud.

“improve our workforce…” Now that gets my attention. Here are some quick links to how Kronos can help meet the needs of those 500 executives, and probably you, too:

  • to help increase employee productivity – Well, that’s just what we do
  • higher employee satisfactionWorkforce Central 7 provides collaboration and gamification to engage employees and make the workplace a little more fun
  • enable of a flexible and mobile workforce – Your employees can access your Kronos solutions with mobile applications on their phones or tablets

OK, just one more post to go in 2014. So far all I have is a title: #rehash

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