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Alex, I’ll take “Dumpster Diving” for $100 please

December 29, 2014

CIR_000060_120“Be the trash.” That’s what I was yesterday as I sifted through all of our recyclables in search of a missing $100 Whole Foods Gift Card. It was a peaceful, but fruitless (well, actually there was some fruit) endeavor. Band of Horses kept me company as I sorted assorted junk mail, wrapping paper, and cardboard. Lots of cardboard… And packaging in general, man… All the cardboard and nonrecyclable plastics… What’s up with no plastic bags, no Styrofoam, and no pizza boxes? That stuff just goes to a landfill? Anyway, after not finding the gift card in the recycling, I had to dive into the “regular” trash with the egg shells, snotty tissues, and recyclables that didn’t get recycled. 4 slimy, sticky bags later the GC was still missing, but was it? I never actually witnessed its existence, and neither did my daughter… I’ll inquire with the fine folks at Whole Foods to see if anything can be done…

Now it’s on to recycling and trashing much of the 3,174 words over 18 pages in my “Kronos Blog Stuff” file. Yep. It’s time to clean house of stuff I thought would be good blog fodder, but never made it to the big time…

I’ve been to Denmark, and in spite of gray, wet, and cold, the folks there seem pretty happy. When I stumbled upon 5 Simple Office Policies That Make Danish Workers Way More Happy Than Americans, I learned about the Danish concept of arbejdsglæde. We have that at Kronos, too.

Last night at a dinner party with (Play)Joyce, some of the parents of college kids were comparing notes on the cost of a college education in this country. That’s a topic for another blog, but as Ben Franklin once said, “An investment in education always pays the highest returns.” This excellent article from Howard Community College (MD) articulates the value of education, and specifically, the value of customized training.

Did you know Kronos offers customized training?

I am your fatherJoy Ruhe, a Kronos Integration Consultant sent me this cute picture that illustrates the evolution of computer technology, and the journey Kronos has been on since before personal computers were around. And speaking of Star Wars analogies, What if the Death Star had a good disaster recovery strategy?


I’ll keep digging the rest of this year, or until I find that gift card!

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