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The gift of laughter

December 24, 2014

charles-schulzIt’s Christmas Eve, and I’m sitting at my laptop. My granddaughter sits next to me drawing. Every few minutes we exchange a smooch. Just now she rubbed my knee with her foot, which devolved into a discussion of her big toe which I liken to mine. Maddy doesn’t appreciate the big toe comparisons, but smiles and snickers complement the exchange. There are two reasons I’m here on a Christmas Eve v-day. First, I’m procrastinating on the housecleaning necessary before my mom and brother get here, and second, I love this writing thing. We’ll all be laughing today and tonight. The smartass gene was passed from my mom to my brothers and me, then to my kids and the 7 year old blonde sitting next to me. On Thanksgiving as I massaged a cold turkey with olive oil, she quipped, “Papa, that turkey would really be having a good time if it was alive…”

The holidays and family gatherings are too often described as droll affairs of tolerance. I realize there are real and painful issues within families, and the holidays can amplify those emotions. What all of us can do is try to bring the peace, the joy, and the laughter to our holiday gatherings, and leave our grievances at the front door with the cold, wet boots.

This holiday season, I hope you all give and receive the gift of laughter.

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  1. December 26, 2014 12:35 pm

    Oh Boy do we ever! . . . need to laugh at ourselves; sometimes I think I may have reached some sort of new level of wisdom based on that alone; because it seems as I get older I realize how foolish we can be about certain “serious” family issues; reminds me of the the second commandment; love each other; hmm . . . no ambiguity there! And, if you forgot how, let a child show you. Thanks for sharing Leo; love your contributions to this blog; Happy New Year!

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