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All I want for Christmas is… You. Guest Bloggers!

December 23, 2014

On October 1st I wrote a post recruiting guest bloggers:

“I want to evolve this blog into place where high quality workforce management expertise is produced and consumed like a manufacturing run of Mercedes-Benz in Germany. Our organization is staffed with practitioners who can share their expertise and experience across many dimensions of workforce management.”

I appealed to customers, partners, and mostly to the workforce management experts within Kronos. So far, I’ve received guest posts from the following new guest bloggers…


Yeah, that’s right, Dean Wormer. None.

People are busy. I get it, but in my opinion that’s not the reason this season. People are afraid to put themselves “out there.” It’s amazing to me that people who are professionally successful still quiver at the thought of essentially reading their book report in front of class. With the fear of public speaking something we fear more than death, it seems to me fear of public writing must be up there, as well. It’s too bad. There are so many career benefits to guest blogging. Here are five good ones, and there are many more. I researched this a bit, and found some excellent um, blog posts on the subject:

I hope these resources can help some of you share your workforce management expertise. Hey, it’s a new year coming up. Resolve to write on the Working Smarter Café! You may find it’s easier than consistently going to the gym…

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