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“Turn on the eyeball,” aka Big Brother on the Shelf?

December 22, 2014

Joyce Elf on the Shelf“Papa, can we get an “Elf on the Shelf?”’ I suppose it was a reasonable request from a 7 year-old, but instantly, I replied “Oh Maddy, those are for families whose children don’t behave. You’re a good girl. You don’t need one of those to be good.” So, no offense to any of you who have an elf on your shelf, but that’s the purpose, right? The kids think one of Santa’s cronies is watching them, and if they’re not good, the little creep will sing to Santa, and it’s a lump of coal for junior on Christmas. I got to thinking about this phenomenon after hearing a co-worker last week say “Turn on the eyeball.” I was going to use that in a “things you never used to hear in the office” post, but Elven Big Brother prevailed. I find the concept creepy, but disagree that the Elf on the Shelf is preparing your child to live in a future police state. Of course, while some creative parents are really having fun with it, there are naysayers so the Elf debate rages on social media

This post is really a mess, but hang with me. What I want to discuss is #wearablesatwork, but I’m distracted by a blog post today from (Work)Joyce titled SHRM/Kronos Study Says Absenteeism Hits Coworkers Hard. Oh, and she’s not here today… Second is yet another press release with a link to her blog… It’s amazing I continue to relentlessly crush her under an avalanche of blog views every month, but hey, it’s Christmas, so I’m in a giving mood, and she has written a bit on wearables in the workplace

Anyway, wearables… I’m in the market for one, but the two models I’m interested in aren’t available yet. Still, while I’ll be investing to track my progress toward a fat-free me, do I want my employer in on that? Well, maybe, especially if there are incentives for progress toward optimum health. That’s going to be a key to these being used by employers to track any kind of employee activity. What’s in it for the employee? Just like the kids and the creep on the shelf, if “the Elf” is watching me and I’m good, it had better be a darn good Christmas.

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