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Conducting a sound Kronos project

December 18, 2014

Rather than simply write that today’s guest post is from Terri Edkins, a Senior Manager on our Services Marketing team, let me share a little of what Terri means to us. It’s performance appraisal time at Kronos, and here’s what one internal customer had to say about her: “Leo, I have a crush on Terri Edkins. She is fantastic. Great partner. Thanks Terri for your collaboration. Have great day!”

Pops 1By Terri Edkins

It’s become a tradition to head to the Boston Pops Holiday concert every year. We meet for lunch and then spend the afternoon catching up with friends old and new, sipping champagne, and listening to beautiful Christmas music. There are lots of laughs, hugs, and good cheer. This year we got to see it through the eyes of a 12-year old child and it was m.a.g.i.c.a.l. It’s a blessing to have such good friends!

Every year the Pops change up their program to keep it fresh. This year’s new element was a tribute to the Christmas truce along the Western Front in 1914. It was very poignant and beautifully orchestrated and really helps put things in perspective during the holiday season.

Pops2As you sit there in the wonderful hall enveloped by the sights and the sounds coming at you from every direction, one thing always stands out: the conductor. According to The Oxford Concise Dictionary of Music (Fifth ed.) the primary duties of the conductor are to unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and beats, and to listen critically and shape the sound of the ensemble. In Boston, it’s Keith Lockhart and he does all this and still finds time to converse with Santa and interact with the audience.

Our project managers are conductors too. They bring the entire team together, set and manage expectations, and most importantly, listen to you throughout the entire project. They really do keep things running smoothly so that your implementation or upgrade stays on tempo. Listen to a Kronos conductor, Shira Griffin, describe how she unifies a Kronos project ensemble to orchestrate the experience you expect.


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