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Who are Play Joyce and Work Joyce? Oh, and cloud ROI…

December 17, 2014

quote bubbleYesterday was our virtual cloud conference (recordings available) and it was very cool. I was pleased with the content and presentation of our 4 webinars, the excellent Q&A, and the “traffic” in our virtual booths. Then… Just one stroke before 4PM, a chat bubble appeared from “Mr. M:”

Mr. M: Hi Leo
Mr. M: nice to see you here
Leo: Thank you. These are all the service folks I work with.
Mr. M: I read the Working Smarter Cafe weekly

The Joyce's - (Work) and (Play)

The Joyce’s – (Work) and (Play)

Leo: Oh, thank you!
Mr. M: We’re evaluating a move to the cloud
Mr. M: First upgrade from 6.2 to 7 then hopefully hop on the Cloud
Mr. M: Management needs ROI!!
Leo: Did you look at the Forrester paper on Total Economic Impact?
Mr. M: uhhh… no!
Mr. M: where is it?
Leo: Resource Center. Pull down the tab under “Directory.”
Leo: It’s a couple years old, but the numbers still work. In fact, they’re better b/c prices have dropped.
Mr. M: before I forget… who are Play Joyce and Work Joyce?
Leo: Play is my GF and Work is my boss. Both Joyce’s!
Leo: Both bosses…
Leo: Hey, if you get stuck looking for any cloud info, email me at

Fifteen minutes later, the Making the Case for Kronos Cloud webinar started, and Mr. M got excellent insights and business case numbers from our Dan Rooney and Alex Kerin. Later Mr. M asked if I was going to write about him on the blog… Hey, Mr. M, if you ever want to guest blog

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