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Top 10 Things My Boss Shouldn’t Know About Me (but does…)

December 11, 2014

the_truth_is_out_thereContent curation on the part of some online entity teased me with a article called 10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss. I bit, and it’s ridiculous. I’ll just say that Kronos wasn’t named the top place to work in Massachusetts because we’re a bunch of workbots who don’t know each other. This place thrives because of real relationships we have with each other, with our customers, and with our partners. Still, I’m an oversharer, so there may be some things in the list (Work)Joyce shouldn’t know about me, but does…

  • 10. Night Life – She knows all about my nightly 3-4 minutes of “reading” in bed until the iPad wakes me up by falling on my face. Let’s just say it’s taking the kid in the Alchemist a loooong time to get across the desert.
  • 9. Religious Beliefs – I believe we both believe what we believe, and mostly we believe in the right to believe whatever we believe.
  • 8. Political Affiliation – We’re aligned on this, and politics has become so absurd that our alignment is somewhere between comedians Al Franken and Dennis Miller.
  • 7. Spouse’s Income – N/A, but I’m pretty sure she knows mine.
  • 6. You’re Working Another Job – Yeah, no, but if I decide to moonlight writing a book, she’ll be one of the first to know… After all of you.
  • 5. Sexual Orientation – Um. Yep. She knows.
  • 4. Your Living Situation – (Work)Joyce knows I love having my daughter and granddaughter live with me, and she’s aware that if my daughter has her way, I’ll have my own apartment soon.
  • 3. Mental Health Issues – I think anyone here regularly is well aware of those… Plus, (Work)Joyce follows me on Facebook…
  • 2. (Some) Physical Health Problems – If I have a physical problem, I’m usually whining about it to anyone who’ll listen, so yeah, she knows.
  • 1. Anything Your Boss Hasn’t Told You – This list is ridiculous, BUT it may not be for every employee. I’m very fortunate to have a close relationship with (Work)Joyce, and we TRUST each other, but it’s also been a decade.* If you’re a new employee, you may want to feel things out a bit before you tell your boss all your dark secrets.

*Oh, sorry. I’m told it’s only been 8 years. It just seems longer. See, I kid (Work)Joyce!

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  1. marti feerick permalink
    December 12, 2014 9:48 am

    At the risk of appearing shallow and un-hip, may I respectfully suggest that The Alchemist is highly overrated? I too use it as an all-natural sleep aid. There – I said it – and now my boss knows and oh yeah, about four thousand other people who really could care less!

    • December 12, 2014 10:18 am

      Hey Marti, thanks for chiming in. As I wrote, it’s taking a looong time to cross the desert! Please let me know if you’d like to guest blog about something our readers WILL care about.

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