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Tom Brady: Fully Engaged Employee

December 8, 2014

One of my fellow Kronites epitomizes the hatred for the quarterback of our local squad:



brady“Pretty Boy.” The detractors love that one. Hey, just because he’s brutally handsome and married to a supermodel doesn’t make him a bad guy. Plus, many regular Jane and Joes have dropped f-bombs in frustration at their workplace, right? Mr. Brady has received some criticism lately for his easy to lip read outbursts, but in fairness, he does his job with passion, so maybe the network producers picking the shots might reconsider which ones they use… Just a thought for the kids at home. His passion helps make Tom Brady great, even if it is occasionally personified by a Randall McMurphy impression. Fifteen years in, and in spite of 3 Super Bowl wins, MVP awards, and certain Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, Tom Brady is not complacent. He’s still a fully engaged and productive employee who makes those around him better.

The reason I’m blogging Brady is because of this Robin Schooling post on complacency in the workplace. Robin offers five reasons employees become complacent, and I’d like to offer another:

6. Things are going great.

I talked some turkey on this subject last month, and offered that recognizing each others accomplishments can help sustain a winning culture, but accolades (including money) alone cannot be what drive Tom Brady or anyone else looking to sustain success. For Brady, there’s got to be an internal fire that fuels the workouts, study, and personal sacrifices (including physical pain) that it takes him to excel. Same for Jane, Joe, and all of us. Every year we all need to ask ourselves, “How do I get better?” The only way we get better as teams is if we all push ourselves individually to get better. This is especially important when things are going great, so that complacency can’t get on your field of play.

So ask yourself, “How do I get better?”

Bonus question: “How do I help those around me get better?”

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