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Measuring Project Success by ROI Achievement

December 2, 2014

CS174So much happened at KronosWorks, yet now we’re a full three weeks beyond it, and since my memory now performs like a browser with too many tabs open, I need to get those tabs down here before they are lost forever… I really need a “reopen closed tab” function for my head. Oh, here’s one flapping in the digital wind: All KronosWorks 2014 presentations are available on our customer portal at

Perhaps the best session I attended at KronosWorks was the one pictured here by James Sutton, Electronic Rostering Program Manager for ISS Facility Services in Australia & New Zealand. In case you’ve never heard of ISS, they are one of the world’s leading Facility Services companies with over 500,000 employees worldwide. Yeah, big.

Mr. Sutton presented a simple, but genius approach to a Kronos (or any) software implementation:

Measure project success by your actual Return on Investment (ROI)

business caseThe presentation shows how ISS used our “Building a Business Case” tool to glean their top 5 measurable benefits from a list of many potential benefits, then ran their project by focusing on achieving the benefits, and doing so quickly:

  1. Reduce additional hours
  2. Increase attendance time
  3. Reduce leave costs
  4. Increase payroll accuracy
  5. Reduce payroll processing effort

To me, the biggest benefit to this “Benefits Focused Implementation” is to keep the project in scope, on time, and on budget. As Mr. Sutton put it (I’m paraphrasing from memory), “When someone discovered something else they wanted the system to do, it was much easier to deny or defer the request to a Phase 2 implementation, because our ROI goals were the priority.” In another smart move, measurement of the ROI metrics was outsourced from the project team to the Finance department for objectivity, and the results were fantastic. Overall, for their 3 implementation sites, ISS achieved 189% ROI, and a 6.3 month payback period!

Now I should go strengthen my minds ROI (Return on Input) with Elevate for awhile.

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