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Don’t Pass on Knowledge

November 25, 2014

I’m taking the rest of the week off, and I’ll be running around like a turkey with my head chopped off doing errands before we get whacked with 6-10” of wintry whiteness tomorrow. One of my errands is a meeting with a 17.02 pound turkey at Jordan’s Dairy Farm… My morning has probably been better than his or hers… That’s enough of the Thanksgiving jokes, but just remember, you are what you eat.

knowledgepassYesterday I began what will be a series of KronosWorks session reviews. Today I’m walking around with my chest all puffed out over Lyn Bennett’s KnowledgePass session at the conference. Get this… Lyn had 320 attendees, and of the 120 who completed surveys, all would recommend the session to a peer! Oh, and all but one said it would help them in their job. In this case, one is a lonely number…

Bennett on KnowledgePass

Here’s some of the attendees verbatim comments:

  • Never knew that there was so much training on the site!
  • Proper training is key to leveraging your investment in your workforce management solution.
  • I’ve used KnowledgePass, had no idea how much we under use it!
  • Good information that will benefit many in my organization.
  • I think she provided some great insight how we can utilize this training within our organization and make our users more efficient.
  • I would highly recommend that we have the Supervisors go through the knowledge Pass before implementing our upgrade.
  • KP is a great partner tool to increasing the value of training and end user acceptance.
  • Wow!

And finally…

She is extremely knowledgeable.

Yes, she is. She also kills it on the Tuesday night dance floor, so there are two reasons to bring her back next year!

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