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Making KronosWorks “Work” for you…

November 24, 2014

Ross on AdoptionAs I’m writing this, a secret meeting in ongoing in the office behind me between my nemesis and her PR minions. Yep. She’s probably “thanking” them for their latest press release about the Workforce Institute at Kronos…

Anyway, I don’t have a fancy PR staff, but I have the people, and I’ll work tirelessly to give the people what they want, which brings me to KronosWorks. We’re already planning for 2015, and part of that process involves reviewing 2014 metrics. I already went off about Kim Gellar’s session on advanced testing, and the metrics support me. Of the 91 attendees, 23 completed surveys, and 23 would recommend her session to their peers!

Another session that just crushed it was Increasing User Adoption to Maximize ROI with David Ross. David is an excellent presenter, and attendees let us know:

  • Excellent session best one I took the entire conference!
  • I really enjoyed the two sessions I had with David Ross. He is funny but extremely informative. I’m grateful for the opportunity to take his sessions because it has given me the knowledge I need to go back to my organization and demand more help from directors and supervisors.
  • He was the best speaker of all the sessions I attended. He knew his material, He engaged with participants and he was passionate about his topic. Would have loved to see more of his sessions!
  • Driving home the point that it is not IT’s or payroll’s job to define the business process and enforce it was excellent. This is a big issue at our company.
  • The subject applies to all our projects whether or not it is Kronos project. A very large part of the success of the project is the adoption!
  • Great session. Relatable examples and practical info. One of the best sessions I’ve attended.
  • Great tips. I would attend again next year as the concepts are valuable.
  • Great presentation David! Please include updates in 2015.
  • Can’t wait to share back at the office what I learned!

That last comment was reflected in the numbers, too. David was also 40 for 40 on the survey respondents saying they’d recommend his session, but here’s the real value of KronosWorks: How much of what you learned can you use to help you do your job? The pie chart above illustrates what David’s 40 survey respondents thought…

Now… As we’re planning services sessions for 2015, what do you want us to present that can help you use Kronos more effectively and help you do your job? Let me know.

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  1. Curtis Zieseniss permalink
    December 7, 2014 9:26 pm

    an in depth presentation and n JETT and a complete walk through of how to build a custom report in WFTS, not just “It’s easy, play with it and you’ll get the idea.” Take a canned report, build a limited view of only rescues or medics or BC’s and explain what each JETT field does and can be manipulated to do. Explain if the formatting has to come with just the JETT tags in the template (which is totally useless) or when that actually happens in Excel. Tell us how to retrieve OUR information from your program without needing to be a programmer.

    • December 8, 2014 11:43 am

      Hi Curtis,

      Thanks for your suggestion. Would you please confirm this is for Workforce TeleStaff? Thanks!

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