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Early Thanks

November 20, 2014

Giving ThanksIn case you missed it last week, Kronos was named the #1 large employer in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe. OK, so what has Kronos done for us lately? The thing about being #1 is that everyone else wants to be #1, so they’ll try harder. That means we all have to try harder to stay at the top. So this week the company celebrated Thanksgiving a little early with a free employee lunch served by our executive management team, including the big guy. It was a great meal, too. The Flik folks do a great job in our corporate cafeterias, and this week’s feast o’ plenty was delicious!

Chef AronGetting back to the “what has Kronos done for us lately” query, it’s the wrong question. “Kronos” is us, and it’s our individual contributions that result in collective success. So, what have “we” done for Kronos lately? It’s a question that gets more complex because of all the success we’ve enjoyed. With consistent success, it’s easy to get complacent, but competitors want that #1 spot, whether it’s as a best place to work or as a workforce management solutions provider.

Improving when you’re already very successful is tough, and really the easy part is setting the bar a little higher on all the metrics of success: customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee engagement, revenue, and profitability. More challenging is how we get 4,000 individuals to choreograph that positive movement of the numbers. One of the ways is to simply acknowledge each other’s contributions. An “atta boy” goes a long way to build employee engagement and improve productivity.

Yesterday I had an informal chat with one of my employees. I told her she had a very strong year, and now she had to think creatively about how to get even better. We can’t just keep doing the same things the same way and expect continuous improvement.

On Tuesday, our Chief People Officer sent out a leadership goal for 2015:

Develop and Inspire Employees

One of the bullet points read, “Demonstrate a genuine and ongoing interest in the career/professional development of your employees.”

As I passed through the Thanksgiving lunch line, Aron asked, “Hey, how come you made fun of our Indy employee’s football team?” With all the guy has going on, he reads my blog. Thanks.

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