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Are you a Kronos SuperUser?

November 18, 2014

Here’s fair warning… I’m going to be on this “getting more value from Kronos” thing until we all know exactly what it means. One thing it means is using your Kronos applications fully and efficiently. Dig in there! Find out what features and functions can help YOU and your organization (which will make YOU look good!).

Christine Cook, Kronos Senior Training Manager

In fact, starting tomorrow, you can begin to hone your skills as a Kronos SuperUser by attending our free webinar, Timekeeper Tips and Tricks for Superusers. Christine Cook, Kronos Senior Training Manager is pretty awesome, and this is like free training, so jump on it. Christine will cover the ins-and-outs of the system for added efficiency and productivity – making you a Workforce Timekeeper superuser in no time!

11-19-14 WTK Tips and Tricks

The webinar will cover tools, tips, and best practices for Workforce Timekeeper, including:

  • How to turn data into information with Genies
  • How to use historical edits with retroactive pay calculations
  • How to secure data with generic data access profiles
  • And more!

Won’t knowing how to do these things help YOU get more value from Kronos? Yes. Yes it will.

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  1. Sue Ann McGorty permalink
    December 9, 2014 3:29 pm

    Will the SuperUser webinar be replayed

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