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Exploding rockets, comet probes, and Kronos testing…

November 14, 2014

antaresexplosionWe, as in humanity, landed a probe on a comet 300,000,000 miles from Earth. To put that in perspective, our moon is a mere 240,000 miles away, and it isn’t traveling 84,000 miles per hour. Specifically, the European Space Agency did it, and it’s an incredible achievement since it’s believed comets are residue from the beginning of the universe. Yeah, man. Heavy. Hey, it’s rocket science, and you don’t try it at home. Late in October, a rocket developed by Orbital Sciences Corporation exploded in dramatic fashion seconds after launch.

How do you test a probe that’s going to fly 3.7 billion miles and land on a comet? How do you test every component of a rocket so it doesn’t explode? I apologize if you were expecting answers on those. I don’t even know how to test a Kronos system, but I now know someone who’s a rock star at it.

Kim Geller, CTFL, is a Program Manager with our advanced testing services team. Her presentation at KronosWorks was the best one of the ten or so I saw. She killed it. Here’s what I wrote to her management team:

“Kim’s delivery made the session engaging and fun, but the content! Kim delivered VALUE to the attendees. Some will benefit from the knowledge gained, while others without the skills or bandwidth will know Kim and Kronos can help them! If this were figure skating, I’d give Kim 10’s for both technical merit and artistic impression!”

It was that good, and yes, she landed the triple testing toe loop! If you’re a Kronos customer, you may wonder “why would I need advanced testing services?” As Kim covered in her presentation, if you’ve heard some of these, your organization may be a candidate:

  • We can fix issues as we find them – after we go live.
  • We don’t have resources to test, everyone is really busy!
  • We really need to get this product live before the new year. We don’t have time to test!
  • Wait what? This needs to be tested??
  • We don’t have a Quality Assurance Department, it will cost too much to hire testers.

I have great news for you that couldn’t attend KronosWorks! Kim’s session is available via webinar until November 25th! You can also read up on advanced testing services in this spiffy marketing piece.

Check it out. You don’t want your implementation or upgrade blowing up due to insufficient testing.

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