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And then Kevin Bacon showed up… at KronosWorks?

November 10, 2014

Well, no. I didn’t see him, but a little of the “Kevin Bacon 6 degrees thing” happened on my Sunday at KronosWorks…

First… I met a film star, Jeannette Batten from Direct Distributors. Terri and I bumped into Jeannette and her husband, and man, she is a sweetheart! She said, she “talks that Southern talk,” and she is having fun in Vegas, but her feet aren’t. If you’re at KronosWorks, you can meet Jeannette, too! She’ll be on a panel Tuesday at 1:45 – KC124 “Inside the Cloud Experience.” Here’s a little teaser on Jeannette’s perspective:


Then… I was at a Welcome Reception for our Spotlight & Reference Customers when I met Jeri and Deb from Boulder County. I’d been to Boulder once, in 1981, for this (Man, I love the internet!). Not only did I learn Boulder, Colorado is in fact, in Boulder County, but Jeri outed herself as the protagonist from this KronosWorks event last year. “That was me.” I’m happy to report Jeri and Deb are waaay happier with their cloud experience and are looking forward to their next upgrade. Jeri did note that “Patrice” was very helpful in getting Boulder’s issues addressed…

Later… I saw Patrice at the big reception, and told her what Jeri and Deb had said. We chatted awhile, and I learned Patrice is a writer, with serious magazine cred! Naturally, I put on the full-court press for her to guest-blog, so I’m hopeful…

OK… Gotta run. General session starts at 8:30!

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