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Getting More Value in Vegas

November 7, 2014


valueYesterday I touched on some of the benefits “getting more value from Kronos” can deliver to organizations. Many customers have only scratched the surface of the potential value Kronos offers them. With labor the largest controllable expense for most organizations, optimizing workforce management can have a huge impact on the bottom line. But what does that markety “optimizing workforce management” mean? Well, with about 2,000 of our customers descending on Las Vegas for KronosWorks, here are some questions to help them find out while chatting with Kronos and partner experts in the Expo Hall on Monday and Tuesday:

  • What’s the biggest challenge YOU have today with your workforce?
  • What’s your biggest challenge using Kronos?
  • What are your competitors doing that concerns YOU?
  • What version of WFC are YOU running?
  • What products do YOU have deployed?
  • Do YOU have licenses for products that have not been deployed?
  • Are there any features in v7 that would help YOU be more successful?
  • What systems are integrated with YOUR Kronos system?
  • How much help-desk activity is driven by Kronos inquires?
  • Do YOU have any employee resistance to using Kronos?
  • How does desktop Java impact YOUR users and IT staff?
  • Do you think YOUR employees know the system well?
  • Do YOU have many manual edits prior to pay period close?
  • Do YOU use data analytics tools? Which ones, and what data are YOU analyzing? Have YOU considered using analytics on YOUR Kronos data?
  • Do YOU have a long-term plan for Kronos use in YOUR organization?

We have incredible momentum as we roll into Vegas for our biggest event of the year, but to keep our momentum going, we have to keep it going for our customers. So use your time wisely in the Expo, and learn all you can about “getting more value from Kronos.”

See you there.

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