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Zombified Kronos System?

October 31, 2014

Screenshot_2014-10-31-11-43-18You know, on the bucket list of my boss is to be an extra on the Walking Dead or some zombie flick. That’s really not much to ask, is it? Thanks to the magic of the “Dead Yourself” app, casting directors can see (Work)Joyce’s immense potential as a walking dead right here. So let’s go Hollywood, make this dead ringers dream come true…

Speaking of zombies, is your Kronos system one? Are you still on a system that’s been dead for years? Even if you’re on the old (“I’m not dead yet.”) Windows-based Timekeeper Central and are a small organization, our Workforce Ready SaaS solution can breathe new life into your workforce management practices. If you’re on an old (not dead, but unsupported) version of Workforce Central, think about upgrading to our cloud. You’ll have an undead system, and your IT staff will feel reborn without the responsibility of DB maintenance, service packs, and upgrades. Still not sure? We can assist to help you understand if upgrading to the cloud is right for you. Working with systems on the verge of death is risky, and if you lose your HR and payroll data, you may wish you were a zombie.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!


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