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6 lasting images from Technology Services World

October 24, 2014

Before these get too far back in my rear view mirror, here are key learning’s for me from TSW:

Live Chat
Live chat can drive customer satisfaction and revenue. I just had an excellent chat experience with regarding a product return, and now I’m telling all of you about it. It was that good. Here’s what one presenter at TSW showed for the impact of live chat on their organization:


Electronic Performance Support

I love this, and hope it will someday be a part of all Kronos products. EPS provides product guidance when a user needs it, as they are using the product. Of course, I want ours to have ESP, and be able to predict when a user will have a problem, then provide guidance before they know they need it. Here’s a quick primer slide on EPS by ANCILE:


Thinking about Outcomes

Evolving to outcome-based services from a product/services approach requires a new way of thinking about solving customer problems. This slide captures the transition nicely:



I continue to be amazed at their use of technology to enhance their customer experience. Recently, they revamped their public, partner, and employee online properties with fantastic results:

EMC online experience

Net Promoter Score is Dead

This was mentioned in the keynote by TSIA CEO, J.B. Wood. I missed it, of course, but in conversations with my co-workers, it’s not the idea of measuring customer loyalty that’s dead, but the fact that it’s a look-back. Today, service providers have to react real-time in solving customer issues, not later after a survey.

NPS is Dead


We’re #1!

But we should always think like #2. Tom Fishburne – Marketing Guru… Hmmm… Sounds familiar.

remain number 1

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