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KronosWorks 2014… There’s an app for that!

October 23, 2014

IMG_20141022_165418A “Northeastah” is a helluva storm whether it’s rain or snow, but I prefer the liquid version. The one currently churning off Massachusetts made yesterday an interesting travel day:

  • 3:56pm departure from Las Vegas delayed to 5:45, but I did strike gold in the terminal!
  • That recalibrated our arrival time from 11:59pm to 1:41am.
  • JetBlue had issues with the toilets, and the TV’s weren’t working, but free Wi-Fi was!
  • Our landing in Boston wasn’t bad, in spite of 40 knot gusts…
  • …but we had to wait for a gate.
  • Then a baggage ramp broke, so baggage was delayed.
  • Hey, in spite of the downpour, I was in the garage… Um, check that. I was on the roof of the garage.
  • At 2:20am or so, the Mass Pike heading West from the airport was reduced to one lane… clogged with cars.
  • It was a slow slog home, but I made it safely at 3:30am…

kw 2014I’m doing the Vegas thing again for KronosWorks November 9-12, and apparently so are many of you! Right now we’re pushing 2,500 customers, partners, employees, and Adam Savages, an all-time high, so the app will get a workout, but you can start planning with it now. Just hit our download page and choose Android, iOS, or HTML5 to use it on a laptop.

Follow me and I will follow. Wow! They were young!

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