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“Share the Road” for Kronos project success

October 16, 2014

TomHeadShotMy plan to showcase customers, partners, and employees that actually solve workforce management problems every day is slowly pulling in guest posts like a death star tractor beam. Here’s the latest. Tom Wolf is a Support Engineer on our Kronos Global Support team where  for the past eight years, he’s supported Workforce Central customers in the shadowy alleys of data where our suite intersects customer infrastructure and enterprise systems. Tom also has a pretty nice commute to work that doesn’t involve any dark alleys.

share the roadBy Tom Wolf

I check our family calendar. No activities before school. No commitments after school. That gives me the extra time I need. I check the weather. 30% chance of rain – worth the risk. Morning temps in the 40s going to the 60s for the afternoon. I put on an extra Dayglo jacket and full-finger gloves and stuff my work clothes in the saddle bag. I glance out the window. The morning sun limns the top of the fiery maples while the street still lies in bluish shadow below. The trip home will see the same effect as the days of bicycle commuting grow short with the earlier sunset. But the end of DST is still a few weeks away. For now, I will enjoy a ride in the crisp air of New England’s most colorful season.

My commute begins on a rail trail bike path, safely separated from the busy streets. The intensifying sunlight creates a beautiful distraction as it reflects an impressionist painting of reds and oranges along the edge of Heart Pond. The only traffic is squirrels and chipmunks darting across the path or, occasionally, a family of wild turkey or deer. Oh, and dog walkers and other bikers. But in the morning I mostly have the trail to myself, the quiet disturbed only by spinning sprockets and whooshing wind.

As I approach the town center, I become more alert and steel myself for more defensive riding among the potholed shoulders and distracted drivers. That beautiful light on the pond is now morning glare that blinds both me and surrounding drivers. Luckily, the cars are mostly stopped or crawling through the busy intersections, which greatly reduces the danger of collision with a fast moving steel box that outweighs me 15 times or more. I can’t help but feel a little smug as I ride the shoulder, passing one car after another — a traffic rule where bikes have an advantage. I still stop at intersections, wait for green lights, signal my turns and, in general, respect the steel boxes that share the road.

I arrive at work slightly winded but energized by the beauty and sense of accomplishment I have already experienced today. I have done much more than commute to work. I have exercised and saved money on gas and reduced my carbon footprint.

This is the time in the blog where I spin this experience into a message about Kronos implementation services (so Leo will publish it). An implementation project starts out like my commute with some planning and anticipation about the beautiful vision of what this project will accomplish. The early part is fresh and exciting as that vision starts to become real. But, things get busy and rough as the new project merges with existing business practices. You “share the road” by respecting the existing practices while crafting a better solution and not getting stuck in the status quo. When all is done, you look back and measure your results and realize that you accomplished more than you had originally set out to do.

In my case I get to do it all again on the way home.

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