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Kicking Off Kronos New Year

October 13, 2014

FY15 GSKOI’m at our Global Sales Kick Off in warm Atlanta this week, and the still shrouded theme for us this year involves three of the third letter in our alphabet… Can you guess any of them? No? Not one? Huh… Anyway, I’ll have them hot off the presses whenever that is.


Kay and Kim from our Upgrade Central Team

A sales kickoff meeting is a time to connect, collaborate, commiserate, consume, congratulate, and in some cases convince… Congratulate each other on a great year, then convince ourselves we can hit our arrows pointing up goals for the new year.


Joy from Services Engineering simplifying process

Last night I connected with old friends, and met new ones. This morning was consumption of yummy PowerPoint slides and a lunch collaboration with two old pals on how we can help our customers get more from their investments in Kronos Workforce HR and Payroll. There’s great energy and a lot of smart people here. I heard several speak this morning. And people are funny. There are lots of laughs and smiling faces, even before cocktail hour.

Right now there’s a Women’s Leadership Forum I wasn’t invited to, so I’m making my way to the gym to work off last night’s consumption and commiseration.

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