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Mystic Pizza workers not getting fair share of pie

September 28, 2014

mystic-pizzaMystic Pizza is a little “slice of heaven” in Mystic, CT that gained national attention in 1988 from the movie of the same name. I remember seeing and enjoying the film and Julia Roberts in it. Now 26 years later, they’re gaining national attention again, this time for not paying their workers enough dough. The Connecticut Department of Labor investigation has resulted in the owner being forced to pay $105,000 in back pay and unpaid overtime, plus $23,000 in fines.

The owner paid far below minimum wage to some employees, and in one case, no overtime for an employee that worked 93 hours in a week. Sadly, even a time and attendance solution for small businesses like Workforce Ready wouldn’t help here. It can count time, but it can’t force owners to behave ethically. This is disgusting.

I’m never eating pizza again. No. Wait. I’m never eating pizza from there again.

I love pizza.

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