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The Project(s)

September 21, 2014
American Gothic 2014

American Gothic 2014

It’s a quiet Sunday here at the jobsite. The crew of 1 is writing a blog post instead of completing the lawn renovation project. We’re working with a deadline, too – Mother Nature. The first day of Fall is Tuesday, so hopefully the seed will get down today in spite of the “showers” that swept some of the 10 cubic yards of new loam down my driveway. If there are just two rules of projects, they are: Stuff Happens and Time is Relative. In my case, the “help” is aged and burdened with a full-time job, and the “helper” was six. This project has been going on for a while, simultaneously with the renovation of one kitchen and two bathrooms. Oh, and it’s the busiest time of year for me in the day gig with furious preparation for our annual Global Sales Kickoff and of course, KronosWorks.

child labor

She works hard for the money.

The lawn thing has been going on about 3 weeks, and has involved mowing, weed whacking the Chernobyl-like alien growths across about 3,000 square feet, then tilling the whole thing with my 9″ Honda tiller. Do the math on a 9″ tiller ripping up 3,000 Sq. ft. Yeah, it took a while.

Giant ant holes, aka 10 cubic feet of loam one wheelbarrow at a time.

Giant ant holes, aka 10 cubic feet of loam one wheelbarrow at a time.

Then there was the raking of all the dead aliens and yesterday, the spreading of healthy dirt across said field. Have I complained about my back yet? I posted a couple of these pictures to Instagram (yes, and Facebook, though I’m still not back “in”), and was met with quaint quips about child labor laws. Hey, I paid her and fed her a nice grilled cheese, then she quit after lunch. My son raked up weeds for a while, then placed himself on the “physically unable to perform” list with “allergies.”

So now I hope the loam dries enough so I can rake it, roll it, plant it, and fertilize it. Through the afternoon yesterday, I kept thinking “why didn’t I just hire someone?” There are a few reasons:

  • I’d rather spend that money on other things.
  • I like doing physical work and seeing the tangible result.
  • I worked landscaping as a kid, so I can do it.

Still, there are so many other things I would have rather been doing.

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