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How Social Are You?

September 20, 2014

Jenna SlatteryJenna (Maver) Slattery is Manager of Social Media Communications at Kronos, aka “Social Media Mom” to me. Jenna teaches us aging (wannabe) hipsters, Gen-Xers, and even some Millennials how to use social media without ruining the reputation of the company. Some of her students are more obedient than others… As I slowly lift one view after another toward the summit of 1,000,000,000 views in September, Jenna’s guest post provides me a welcome Saturday respite. Thanks, Jenna!

social-network-active-users-infographicThese days, you can find absolutely anything on social media, whether it’s the latest NFL scandal, international news headlines, or how to increase productivity with workforce management solutions -you’ll find what you’re looking for. The world has changed and social has played a major role.

There are many reasons why organizations need to create a strong social presence: Here are my top three reasons why social media matters to brands.

  1. With more than 1 billion active users on Facebook, and more than 200 million on both Twitter and LinkedIn, we can agree that most people are on at last one social platform.
  2. Email is slowly dying and social is the new way to reach people including customers, prospects, and colleagues.
  3. Many thought social media was a fad that started in 2003, but it’s now 2014 and has grown tremendously. Social is not going away.

For individuals, it’s important to be on social media for many reasons beyond staying connected with family and friends or looking at cats eating with chopsticks. Brand experience via social media is a huge part of how individuals use it. Here are my top three reasons why social media is important for individuals who interact with brands.

  1. Stay up to date on news.
  2. Gather information.
  3. Get support fast.

Now you can get quick responses from brands through social media. Gone are the days of calling 1-800 numbers and listening to terrible hold music. Today people want to engage in live chats and share their feedback with their networks, whether positive or negative.
So let me ask, how social are you? Do you have a Facebook page just to spy on your kids or share pictures? Well, at least you’re on there, but you’re missing so much more! I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to build relationships and network through these social platforms, read up on news, and take part in the revolution that’s changing this world.

See what the buzz is about! Connect with Kronos in the social space today to stay up to date on the latest innovations and news.

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