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The Working Smarter Evening Café

September 19, 2014

165540036-thumbnailThe Boston Evening Globe, which began in 1878 but first appeared under the “evening” name on Feb. 1, 1914, ran for 100 years and ceased publication in 1979. Yes, I’m old enough to remember it, but not this headline. However, this one is still pretty fresh, as is this one, and this one. Still, it may be a while before we see another one…

KW quoteSo in the spirit of the old evening newspapers, here’s an afternoon edition of blog-licious content that’s not just regurgitated from today’s morning edition. KronosWorks starts in just 51 days, on Sunday, November 9, 2014. You can still save $100 bucks if you register by October 3rd, and here are some hot sessions depending on your area of interest, including a special track for Workforce Ready customers:

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