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#Neanderthal Art and the Evolution of Kronos

September 9, 2014

Neanderthal hashtag artIn case you missed it last week, researchers claimed that Neanderthals created art, a significant cognitive ability once thought a capability shared only by more evolved humans. It now seems that because of the discovered hashtag-like cave drawing, Neanderthals were more advanced than we thought, although probably not all of them. I can imagine one of them looking at his friends work and saying, “Dude, I don’t know. I still don’t get the hashtag thing.”

Fast forward about 40,000 years, and some of us still don’t get the the hashtag thing, but we’ve continued to evolve. Kronos has also continued to evolve from microprocessor based products, to DOS systems, Windows, client-server, the web, and the cloud. There certainly are doubters of the ability of an “on-premise” “dinosaur” to become a true “cloud” provider, but our metamorphosis is well underway.

Click the brochure to get it.

Click the brochure to get it.

Our sales of Workforce Central in the cloud continue to accelerate, and our true-SaaS solution for small to mid-sized organizations, Workforce Ready (WFR) is um, well, #offthecharts. We’ve already got over 800 WFR customers and we just closed the largest SaaS deal in company history with it. Our customer will use WFR to track time and attendance for 115,000 salaried employees, rolling out initially in North America and then expanding into Latin America and Europe. The return on investment for the customer exceeds $20M annually!

We’ll continue to evolve as humans and as a company, but I wouldn’t budget for any transcranial magnetic stimulation-based products just yet. There’s still quite a bit of evolution to go before you’ll see “Workforce Clairvoyance.”

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