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A Fan-girl’s guide to Workforce Mobile

September 8, 2014

It’s only September 8th, and my 30 for 30 quest for September is already shattered. I’ll make it up to you. So while I consider the personal and commercial possibilities of transcranial magnetic stimulation, here’s the 3rd guest-post from Customer Experience Specialist, Valerie Welland. I appreciate a good Monday guest blog! Thanks, Val!

GrobanConcerts.  Most of us have attended at least one in our lifetimes, possibly more than one.  Concerts have been mentioned on this blog (Mr. Smarter Café’s affection for Kiss is well documented).  This past Labor Day weekend, I attended a Josh Groban concert at Mohegan Sun.  I have been a fan for many years and was extremely excited to be able to attend the concert.  As I was escorted to my seat, it occurred to me how much work it must be to put a show on.

screaming ValFrom the stage setup, decorations, lighting, lining up the staff (security, ushers, concession, merchandise booths, etc…) to planning the tour, where they will visit, where they will stay, and coordinating who will keep the fans off the stage all requires a lot of time, patience, and skill.  A Josh Groban concert is tame compared to a Kiss show where you also need to factor in the pyromania (Josh had light-up chandeliers instead of fire).  A production staff would benefit from using Kronos.  Outside of scheduling all these shifts between the artists’ production company and the venue staff, they need something that is “on the go” as much as they are.  Kronos Workforce Mobile would be a perfect fit.  Using the mobile application the staff can approve their timecards, punch exceptions can be handled, and time off requests can be scheduled remotely.  That means, as the roadies are finishing hanging those chandeliers or plugging in the pyro they can punch out for a break without having to find a time clock.

By the way…  The concert was magical and surpassed my expectations, and having it in a casino was an extra bonus as my husband was able to gamble during the show (less eye rolling as I was fan-girling.)

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