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I wish I had more time…

September 2, 2014

time waits for no oneIn addition to posting every day this month, I want to better use every moment granted me in September. I’ve got big work projects, home projects including a yard that needs replanting, a waistline that needs shrinking, and most of all, loved ones who need my time. Time is a pretty big deal here at Kronos, and when I read about workers claiming “wage theft” from unpaid time, it seems our solutions should be a bigger deal to some employers. Scratch that. Maybe ethics needs to be more of a big deal to some employers. In another article, Gallup reports the average work week for Americans is 47 hours. What’s yours? Where are you “spending” your limited time?

Hopefully September will be time well spent for me. And you. Speaking of time well spent, here’s how you can help me hit one billion blog views in September!

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