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Cheesy Cloud Headlines

August 28, 2014

old man yells at cloudIt’s been a while since I’ve commented on the cloud, and my blog views are way up. Go figure. Even (Play)Joyce says, “Once I see cloud I’m out…” Maybe people are just sick of the cloud hype. Still, the cheesy headlines keep coming. In an email from Workforce Magazine, a headline blared Special Report: HRMS Vendors Say, ‘Hey, You, Get Onto My Cloud.‘ It’s a good article though, and explores the renewed investment by organizations in HRMS, but that headline… That one just seemed too obvious, so I never used it. Not that I haven’t used the world’s greatest rock and roll band as inspiration:

That’s also not to say I’ve never used cheesy cloud headlines. Here are some of my worst offenders. Hey, this is harder than it looks…

Can you give me some more ideas for cheesy headlines, cloud and otherwise?

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