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Storytelling: It’s an Experience

August 27, 2014

got time for a story“Got time for a story?” My friend and former boss, Barb… Wait, no one ever really stops working for Barb. She loves to use that line and she tells a great story. Once, when I did work for her, We were struggling with a Powerpoint deck for a big presentation she was giving. Finally, she said, “ditch the Powerpoint.” Smart girl. She presented with no slides and no props. She stood in front of the audience and told them a story. She captured them and held their attention. It was a great lesson for me.

Yesterday I wrote about our 1 in one hundred million storytelling campaign, and earlier this month User Experience (UX) design was the topic. Today they come together in an article in UX Magazine by Marc Cajolet (of Kronos), Sarah Bloomer, and Alexandra Stevens about how Kronos is using “User Narratives” in “a major new initiative to accelerate into the cloud-based market.” I love this part:

“…the UX team was tasked with evaluating and evolving many of Kronos’s previously held assumptions about their products and users. Rather than using existing products and well-documented solutions as the starting point, the team wanted to start from scratch and encourage new thinking.”

Check out the article, but first take a minute to listen to Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, explain the user narrative.

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