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Are You a Social Employee? Why not?

August 25, 2014

For someone that hates the term “personal brand,” I spend considerable time engaged in activities that are supposed to build it. The thing I loathe about the term is the inauthenticity of it. [Right now I sense (Play)Joyce rolling her eyes and thinking, “here he goes getting all righteous again.”] Sorry, phoniness irritates me. Why can’t we just be decent human beings, treat each other with mutual respect, and do our jobs? Aren’t those the traits of a solid professional brand? Anyway, the activities I mentioned are as an employee advocate, or “activist” as Karen Higginbottom defines in Forbes:

“an individual who draws visibility to their workplace, defends their employers from criticism and act as advocates, both online and off.”

I blog, therefore I am… a social employee. I then use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, and even Pinterest to “act as an advocate” for Kronos. Why don’t more of my co-workers use their social channels to advocate for Kronos? Employee advocacy is so powerful, and we have incredibly high employee satisfaction and engagement! I don’t get it. In the Tedx talk by Mark Burgess, President of Blue Focus Marketing below, he cites a Nielsen study that shows ‘nearly 90 percent of people don’t trust corporate pitches, but anywhere from 78 to 92 percent of people trust “earned media,” or peer recommendations and word-of-mouth through social channels.’ He also depicts the benefits of employee advocacy for employers and employees. There’s one benefit that really jumped out at me for employees:


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