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Why you messin’ with my Java?

August 21, 2014
clouds in my coffee by classina

clouds in my coffee by classina

It’s well documented that I’m no fan of the unauthorized refill. That’s when a server in a diner or other breakfast establishment refills your still-partially-full cup without inquiry. Don’t mess with my Java. It’s just the way I like it, and now you’re making me screw around with it.

It seems IT professionals go through this same aggravation with desktop Java, since the constant security updates force IT to re-stir everything Java touches so that it’s just right… i.e. working.

Yesterday our support team updated a technical advisory on the Kronos customer portal titled, “Microsoft Internet Explorer Update and Impact on Oracle JRE and Workforce Central.” You can read more about the issue on Ars Technica (including some illuminating and humorous reader comments) and on Microsoft’s security blog.

So while overanxious breakfast servers and responsible security experts will be messing with your Java maybe forever, Kronos is working hard to kick the habit so that Workforce Central is 100% desktop Java-free. Hey, with version 7, we’re almost there with Workforce Central 7 desktop Java-free for around 78% of end users. Do the math. Upgrading means you’ll have a lot happier users that won’t need endless Java “top-offs.”

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that an upgrade is a perfect time to consider clouds in your Workforce Central coffee. I’m so vain.

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