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Software Support Therapy?

August 18, 2014

Eloqua User GroupI love online communities. Whenever I’m researching a significant purchase, like say, a car, I’ll go out to a community to hear what other real people are saying about the brand. Currently I’m addicted to the TLX community on Acurazine. I’ve written before about my exploration of communities for Kronos, and I’m discovering they can strengthen customer engagement and loyalty. Eric Drumm of Social@Ogilvy echoes this for IBM…

“We’ve proven that the more active and engaged customers are in our social communities, the more likely they are to purchase new products, repeat purchase, and refer us to their colleagues.”

One thing social marketing can do for an organization is give it more of a human touch and personality, but as with humans, there’s no universal love. Not long after their acquisition of Eloqua*, Oracle created a “therapy group for Eloquans new to My Oracle Support.” I found it pretty funny, but one of my co-workers didn’t appreciate the humor.

“There is something very sad about a vendor feeling the need to launch a “therapy group” after an acquisition.”

I agree that use of the term “therapy” can be touchy, but I do think Oracle has good intentions because change and disruption can be hard, and they’re providing a community to talk it out with others.

“Here at Eloqua Support, we know that change is hard. This group is dedicated to those customers who are experiencing issues during our transition to My Oracle Support (MOS). Please take a look at the resources we’ve pulled together to help address your questions and concerns. Let us know if you need additional information about our new Support systems.”

Now back to my community auditions…

* Kronos is a customer of Oracle and Eloqua

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