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Who says girls can’t dunk?

August 13, 2014

terri dunkingWhile enjoying a long weekend, Terri Edkins, Senior Services Marketing Manager here at Kronos injured her ankle. My guess is that Terri injured it while doing a 360 degree reverse slam in a 1:1 hoops game with her husband, but I could be wrong. Anyway, while she’s on the mend, here’s a guest blog she wrote. Enjoy, and Terri, get better! 

It’s sunny and warm here in the Northeast and that means it’s vacation time.  People scatter to Cape Cod to enjoy the ocean, hike the mountains of New Hampshire, and eat lots of lobster in Maine.

They relax.  But sometimes getting ready for vacation season can be stressful.   You’re trying to complete all your tasks before you leave and make sure that your area of responsibility is covered in your absence.  Or you have to learn new tasks to cover for someone else.  Either way, you want to quickly check the box!

Do you find yourself asking “how do I do that again?” (like dunking) when you go into your Kronos system to do something?  Maybe you need to approve timecards for a colleague.  Or perhaps you want to delegate authority to someone else while you’re away.  If you’re only performing these tasks once a year you may not remember exactly how to do them.  But if you’re a Kronos KnowledgePass subscriber, you have access to jobaids,  three-minute simulations, and all kinds of self-paced content  that can quickly provide you with answers you need 24×7 so you can relax and enjoy your time away.

Not a subscriber?  Check out KnowledgePass here.  And listen to Nathaniel Polky describe how KnowledgePass has helped his organization work smarter.

Happy summer!

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  1. George permalink
    August 14, 2014 4:21 pm


    Since Kronos was mentioned in the article, I thought you would be interested in if you had not already heard about. Overseeing scheduling and still working with the business to try and implement optimized scheduling. I found it interesting that Starbucks did not already have business rules in place to help prevent this type of issue from happening where some one closes one day and opens the next.


    • August 14, 2014 5:11 pm

      George, thanks for commenting. I wasn’t aware of this until I read your comment, and as usual, there’s more to the story that wasn’t in the story. It is heartbreaking to see and read about the struggles of so many in our society, and I was happy to learn Starbucks is reacting in a positive way to work with their employees on this.

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