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Zen and the Art of Customer Experience

August 11, 2014

20140811-101108-36668827.jpgI’m enjoying a vacation day today, but there’s no escaping the daily blog post, so here goes… The long weekend at (Play)Joyce’s “Happy Hollow” has consisted of quiet morning reading, afternoon beach reading, soaking and snoozing, late afternoon outdoor showers, and evening outdoor dining. Oh, and I always end the day with about 3 minutes of voracious reading before “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” falls on my face.

I highly recommend the book, especially if you’re into road trips, both the physical and in-mind kinds. One area author Robert Persig spends considerable syllables on is quality. When you really think about it, as Seth Godin does, quality is very hard to define.

Not to get too philosophical about it, but if we can’t define quality, then how can we truly measure customer satisfaction with our efforts to deliver the Experience You Expect?

Please tell me. What product or service attributes result in you perceiving a delightful customer experience?

Now I’ll get back to my literary chautauqua.

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