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The cost of absenteeism on my productivity…

August 5, 2014

CosmoYesterday I had to deal with the absence of Terri for a vacation day, then today I received this from a beloved “she who shall not be named” co-worker:

“I’m not feeling well today and am going to stay home.”

This will negatively impact my productivity today:

  • I’ll be sad.
  • I’ll be lonely.
  • I’ll be taking a long lunch.
  • I’ll be leaving early.

Oh, I’m just kidding… Well, about either the first two or the last two…

Absenteeism. It impacts an organization financially, but what about its affect on those left behind? The leaderless. The unloved… I’ll bet Cosmo didn’t think about that when they published Best Excuses for Calling out of Work. Seriously though, absenteeism has real costs, but they can be minimized if properly managed.

If you’d like to learn more, this Thursday, August 7, 2014, at 2:00 PM ET we’re teaming up with SHRM for Heavy Lifting: How Hidden Absence Costs Add Up – and Weigh You Down, a free webinar to explore how automating absence management can help you:

  • Efficiently manage scheduled and unscheduled absence
  • Identify and rectify costly absence trends
  • Use real-time data visibility for quick fixes to last minute absences
  • Minimize compliance risk associated with FMLA

Here’s a little more on the problem of absenteeism. Just thinking about it today is making me a little verklempt.

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